5 Glorious Pimple Popping Videos To Watch Right Now

Confession: I love watching pimple popping videos.

Okay. That’s probably not surprising. Especially considering the nature of this blog.

Still, there’s a weird-factor involved. Whenever I try to get my IRL friends to binge on pimple popping vids with me, they immediately cringe. Then, they run for cover. Once in a while, I’ll find a like-minded crony. But, those gems are few and far between.

I don’t know. Maybe I am weird. Or maybe I’m trying to fulfill some kind of primal grooming instinct. Either way, I’ve come to terms with my freaky addiction.

So, without further ado, I present to you my favorite pimple poppers of all time.

1. Josefa Reina

This is where it all began.

At first, I found her through various electrolysis videos–yes, I’m a hairy mofo–but I stuck around for her extraction technique. Instead of pricking her clients to the high heavens, she pinpricks them oh-so-gently. Then, she uses the might of her gloved hands to pinch the pus out of their dirty pores. It’s a gentle (yet powerful) technique.

In truth, all her videos are amazing. But this particular one holds a special place in my heart. It’s my ultimate favorite. And I keep coming back to it time and time again. Start the video at 3:12 to see what I’m talking about. You won’t be sorry.

Unfortunately, the haters got to her and Josefa has been less active on YouTube. If you’re reading this, I’d like to send you a cyber hug, Josefa! You’re amaze-balls!

2. Enilsa Brown

Enilsa takes the runner-up prize. Her technique is pretty similar to Josefa’s. Instead of using her hands, however, Enilsa uses two q-tips to knock out acne and blackheads.

While Josefa dubs over her videos with (royalty-free) music, Enilsa actually talks to her patients and asks them how they’re feeling throughout her sessions. It’s refreshing to see someone care so much about that kind of stuff. I mean, she genuinely cares about her patients–she’s invested in their well-being.

She’s the type of esthetician that I would want to work on my skin. But, she lives in Texas, so I’ll just keep dreaming.

P.S. I wrote an article about my favorite Enilsa videos. You can check it out here.

3. Dr. Pimple Popper

Unlike the last two poppers on this list, Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) is a full-fledged dermatologist.

Her technique is, let’s say, traditional. Before she starts going to town, she numbs the heck out of her patients’ faces. The numbing injection is necessary because she makes HUGE nicks in her patients’ skin. Then, when all the groundwork is laid out, she draws out the gunk with an extractor.

Things get pretty intense sometimes. Her “pore of winer” videos will go down in dermatology history. But, those videos don’t speak to me–too much blood. Her acne vulgaris videos, on the other hand, are awesome! So, that’s what I included here.

4. Dr. Davin Lim

Davin Lim is another one of my favorites. Even though he doesn’t post videos very often, the ones he does post are so good. And so long.


The real reason I love him is because of his voice (and accent). It’s so relaxing. And, in an odd way, reassuring.

He’s also doesn’t tie himself solely to pimple popping videos. If you cruise his channel, you’ll find a bounty of information about everything in the field of dermatology. It’s like a gold mine of well-researched, easy-to-digest information.

5. JE

This is a Taiwanese account, so I can’t tell you much about its background.

The method that this person uses is so gentle. Instead of getting at pimples/blackheads aggressively, JE uses a tweeze-and-pull method. If you’re not already into pimple popping vids, this would be a good place to start because–no blood, no gore.

Final Thoughts

These videos, although entertaining, can be dangerous.

Some people find that it curbs their skin picking urges. While others find that it heightens these urges. So, if you’re in the second group, please turn away from this page…immediately. It’s not worth the agony of PIH.

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